Edinburgh Indie Gamers



What does 'Indie' mean?

It's a bit of a woolly word... and we often joke about the fact it doesn't really mean anything.

What we mean by it that this is a club focused on games that aren't commercially dominant - i.e. not D&D, GURPS, Warhammer, or Vampire the Masquerade. There are other clubs in Edinburgh that play these types of games and do so very well. This one is for the other stuff!

Do you ever play D&D?

D&D is a good game, but it's not what we are about. Do not worry if you've never played anything else. We choose games that are varied and simple to play. Members will be happy to help you get comfortable and enjoy playing.


What is the general format of your events?

Story Game Hangout begins with a half-hour arrival period in which people can find each other and get settled in.

Then at the start time, those volunteering to facilitate games will make a short pitch for what they're planning to run. Members divide into groups to play the different games on offer (newcomers get first pick) and then the games begin!

We usually play for three hours, but sometimes the games run over or finish early.

Afterwards, people like to gather to discuss their experiences and find out what happened in the other games.

Are events free?

Yes. It is not necessary to purchase anything from the venue (though it's nice if you can) and we do not have a culture of tipping GMs.

Do I have to run a game?

No. Most people don't, so you will not feel left out!

But can I run a game?

Yes. If you agree to follow the Code of Conduct (i.e. to use safety tools at your table) then you are welcome and encouraged to run a game. There is no application or approval process - you can just do it.

If you would like support in running a game, you can ask in the server and members will help you out.

Would you like to playtest my game?

While we do sometimes run playtest games at our events, these are usually designed by regular attendees who have built up relationships with the other players.


Do I have to be local to Edinburgh to join your Discord?

We restrict membership of our Discord server because we really value our community and want it to grow organically and sustainably.

The Discord is open to adults:

If you live in a populous area that does not have a local gaming club, we think you should start one! Please help yourself to free copies of our zines, which contain advice for starting your own groups.

How can I tell you about my gaming products, events or business?

Visitors are welcome to run demonstration games and playtests at our events. To organise, please direct message an admin of your choice on the Discord.

If you are a regular attendee/alumni then you can (and should!) post your product releases, Kickstarters, etc into the ⁠crowdfunding-and-promotions channel. If you’re not an existing part of our community and rock up in order to post marketing material, you will be banned.

Do you have online events?

We occasionally have events via videoconference, but they are not frequent as this is not the focus of our group.