Edinburgh Indie Gamers

Edinburgh Indie Gamers

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Edinburgh Indie Gamers is an inclusive gaming club dedicated to indie roleplaying and story games.

What is a indie game?

We play small-press roleplaying games, narrative games, Nordic-style games, diceless games, GMful and GMless games, PbTA games... The types of games which let players tell a story together.

If you're not sure what any of this means, that's a sign you need to get stuck in and join us. (The water's lovely...)

Fun for Everyone

We want our group to be a welcoming and safe community. That's why we have a code of conduct which we ask you to read and uphold while taking part in our spaces, online and in person.

Join the Discord

You can join our Discord server to chat with members and co-ordinate online games. Generally, members should be from Edinburgh, Scotland and its nearby regions, but we're also open to folks who are geographically remote or otherwise isolated.

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Awesome Zine

In 2021 we crowdfunded a zine to share games, art and articles by our community with the wider world. One of the things the zine funded was a website for our club. This is that website!

We would love for you to read, print, enjoy, translate and generally consume our zine. You can download it for free on itch.io

A cupid holds a copy of the EIG zine